Letter: Thank you, good samaritans

Hello, Rappahannock County! Two damsels in distress have found one of your secrets – namely that you have “good samaritans” living in your midst. On Aug. 11, as we returned home from a family birthday celebration in Harrisonburg, my niece Theresa’s car overheated. As we approached Ben Venue, she pulled into the parking lot at Williams Tree Service. Thankfully, Rappahannock was celebrating all things “Dukes of Hazzard” at the second annual “Hazzard Homecoming” festival and many people were about.

After the smoke cleared from under the hood, a good samaritan approached our vehicle to see what the problem was. The radiator was bone dry. He took care of that, but that did not remedy the situation. By this time several other good people were working to resolve this problem. Upon further review, a couple of hoses were found leaking – and the head gasket had blown. Theresa parked the car at the side of the building as she was directed to. Now arrangements needed to be made to get the car towed to Fairfax.

Then we faced another hurdle – Theresa lives in Fairfax, and I live near Clevenger’s Corner. How were we going to get to my home? That is when another good samaritan appeared on the scene and offered to drive us to my home. Another good deed well appreciated. None of “our helpers” would accept anything from us but several “thank yous” and “much appreciation.”

It is a heartwarming to know that many young men are exhibiting lessons from God’s holy word: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Thank you, good samaritans in Rappahannock County.

Betty Reedy

Theresa Cox

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