Down Memory Lane for Sept. 13

50 years ago
Dec. 20, 1962

James W. Coates of Sperryville officially assumed duties of ice manager of the Rappahannock Agricultural Stabilization Committee on Monday, Dec. 17. He was appointed manager in November and since has received six weeks of training in Southampton, Patrick and Fauquier counties before returning to Rappahannock. Mr. Coates is a native of Madison County where he was employed as a field reporter in the A.S.C.S. program several years ago. He previously worked with Rappahannock Farmers Cooperative and was a manager of Washington Apple Growers Cooperative.

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Lindgren from Stockholm, Sweden – and more recently of Los Angeles, Ca. – have purchased the 2,600 acre Jessamine Hill Farm in Tiger Valley near Washington, and have taken up residency with their two daughters and son. Jessamine Hill was built by John Thomas Fletcher in the 1840s.

The recently opened Rappahannock Manufacturing Company located near Flint Hill has reached about half its operating capacity. This plant makes Aileen cotton knit wear for women and children. Women employed at the manufacturing plant number 140, with about half of them living in Rappahannock and the remainder coming from the surrounding areas. The women operate sewing machines, press garments, fold and box finished products. There are only three men employed for maintenance work. At present Randall Richards of New Market is manager of the plant with Ernie Peer of Winchester training under him.

25 years ago
July 30, 1987

Alson Atkins maintains that his private sewage disposal system is working fine and therefore he doesn’t have to hook on to Sperryville’s new $2.1 million public system.

Mr. Atkins’ residence is just feet away from the Thornton River. The waste water is piped to a septic tank, located in the river’s flood plain, which is periodically pumped out by a commercial hauler, according to Mr. Atkins. He concedes that an additional line once ran out of the tank but that this line has been closed off, thus eliminating any pollution potential.

The Rappahannock WSA is considering legal action to force Atkins, the owner of this property, to hook into the Sperryville sewer system. Public health officials have alleged that Mr. Atkins’ house, which sits within just a few yards of the Thornton River, is discharging raw sewage into the river.

When upper elementary students return to school this September, it will be to a pared down physical education program. Last year youngsters in fourth through seventh grades had a half-hour daily with the certified physical education teacher; this year, it will be cut to just two days a week.

The change in the program was discussed during executive session at the July meeting of the Rappahannock School Board. There was no mention of the action during the open portion of the meeting.

“It was a personnel matter – whether to replace an aide, whether to reassign an aide,” said Superintendent David Gangel in an interview this week. “The decision was to not replace an aide, and if the individual wasn’t replaced, certain alterations in curriculum would result.”

10 years ago
March 13, 2002

Teachers often have great ideas that will make learning exciting and challenging. But just as often, they lack the resources to put these ideas to work. Last week nine county teachers were given the chance to implement their great ideas with the help of a grant from Headwaters, Rappahannock’s local education foundation. Three teachers from the elementary school received grants: Corrine Smith for a “Leap Into Reading” project; and Joy Rollins and Harriett Rosenblatt for a “Stage Improvement” project. Six teachers at the high school received grants: Dani Pond for history review; Mary Arthur and Amy Hughes for culinary art resources; Laurel Van Horn for Pagemaker site licenses; Bill Hunt for chemistry equipment; Karen Sanborn for science equipment; and Amy Hughes for music library tapes.

Gregory Flournoy, a third grader at Rappahannock County Elementary School and a first year wrestler with the Culpeper Cobras, won a gold medal at the Northern Virginia Wrestling Championship this past weekend. Approximately 27 clubs and organizations competed. Gregory is currently 30-0 in his age and weight division and 9-3 in the Junior division, which is a higher age bracket.