Down Memory Lane for Sept. 20 

50 years ago
Dec. 20, 1962

E. M. Jones of Washington, has been selected to replace James M. Settle, clerk of the Circuit Court and County Clerk of Rappahannock County. Mr. Jones, a prominent farmer and apple grower, has been chosen by Judge of the Circuit Court., R. V. Snead, upon recommendation of the Rappahannock County Bar Association to fill the unexpired 5-year term of Mr. Settle who retired January 1, 1963, because of illness.

The appointment of Mrs. May-Belle Underwood Stuart of Amissville as Director of Nurses at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton effective 2 January, 1963 has recently been announced.

A herd of cattle stampeded after stumbling onto a skunk’s den and trampled dairy farmer John P. Yates. Yates was listed in satisfactory condition after being run down by the cattle Wednesday.

The home of the skunks was in the middle of the pasture. Apparently one of the 45 cows trampled the den opening. The cattle stampeded when the irritated skunks came out in force.

25 years ago
Aug. 6, 1987

Superintendent David Gangel promised the Board of Supervisors that the expansion project will leave Rappahannock County High School with three functional labs for science, and in return, the supervisors transferred $46,781 to the RCHS building fund on Monday. The bulk of the money – $40,981 – was unexpended in the 1986-87 school budget. The rest comes from the sale of two trailer classrooms.

The Sperryville Emporium, formerly the Sperryville High School, was recently the site of the first class reunion of the old school’s class of 1942. Most of the members of the class had not seen each other for 45 years. Eleven of the 12 members of the class still live in either Virginia or Maryland; 10 of those 12 attended the reunion. The two class members who did not attend were Mrs. Bertha Nichols Koyzchi of Baltimore, Md., and Mrs. Mary Barnes Sealock Cadd of Oakhurst, Calif.

10 years ago
March 13, 2002

Teachers often have great ideas that will make learning exciting and challenging. But just as often, they lack the resources to put these ideas to work. Last week nine county teachers were given the chance to implement their great ideas with the help of a grant from Headwaters, Rappahannock’s local education foundation. Three teachers from the elementary school received grants: Corrine Smith for a “Leap Into Reading” project; and Joy Rollins and Harriett Rosenblatt for a “Stage Improvement” project. Six teachers at the high school received grants: Dani Pond for history review; Mary Arthur and Amy Hughes for culinary art resources; Laurel Van Horn for Pagemaker site licenses; Bill Hunt for chemistry equipment; Karen Sanborn for science equipment; and Amy Hughes for music library tapes.

Gregory Flournoy, a third grader at Rappahannock County Elementary School and a first year wrestler with the Culpeper Cobras, won a gold medal at the Northern Virginia Wrestling Championship this past weekend. Approximately 27 clubs and organizations competed. Gregory is currently 30-0 in his age and weight division and 9-3 in the Junior division, which is a higher age bracket.