RAWL Dogs: Chip

They love me down here at RAWL! I’m a 3-year-old male Pomeranian and proud of it! I know a whole list of tricks, including the usual sit, down and so on, but also dancing, walking on my hind legs, and singing. I absolutely love other dogs and am good with cats. I’m don’t do the little-dog, sneaky-peeing trick – housebroken through and through. And you’ll discover that “faithful” is my middle name. Come on by – you will not be disappointed.

The past week, five of my canine colleagues were joined with new owners. The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL), 160 Weaver Rd., Amissville, is open 8 to 1 daily. Call 540-937-3283 or visit www.rawldogs.org.