Courthouse Row for Oct. 4

Home and land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Sept. 14-20:


Daniel Blake Yowell and Sarah Yowell, known of record as Sarah P. Mills, husband and wife, to Jena M. Cote, 2.51 acres, $160,000, general warranty, tax map 32-28


Ralph Steven Pomeroy, executor of the estate of Helen Burke Smoot, to Allan T. Comp and Selma Thomas, trustees of the Allan Comp and Selma Thomas revocable trust, 1.466 acres, $240,000, special warranty, tax map 20A-1-5

Rappahannock County to J&B Road LLC, 1.8612 acres, $186,100, special warranty, tax map 28-63E

Union First Market Bank to Pleasant View LLC, 6.6106 acres, $566,920, special warranty, tax map 28-63

Elinor L. Horwitz, trustee of the Elinor L. Horwitz revocable trust, to Norman H. Horwitz, trustee of the Norman H. Horwitz revocable trust, Hampton lot 7 Marshall Estates 38.83 acres, no consideration, general warranty, tax map 19-1-7


Louis W. Whitfield, known as Louis Wesley Whitfield, to Tracy A. Heinzman and Victor A. Bodanyi, 46.2781 acres, $668,000, general warranty, tax map 38-35C

Fernando Simoes and Lesley Simoes, husband and wife, to Keith W. Brendley and Greta Brendley, husband and wife, 139.1114 acres, $639,000, general warranty, tax map 26-27


Donna Cannon Wilkers and Ann Cannon Powell to C. Loring Jetton Jr. and Marion L. Jetton, husband and wife, 81.514 acres, $570,598, general warranty, tax map 57-6

Building permits

William Dietel, Flint Hill, install heat system, estimated cost $18,750

Joseph and Sharyn Covington, Washington, sunroom addition, estimated cost $40,000

Allen Comp, Woodville, complete unfinished cellar, estimated cost $1,500

Larry Thomas, Sperryville, replace porch roof, estimated cost $6,000