Letter: Bipartisan jerks

Lest Walter Nicklin’s editorial last week [“Vandalism, not politics,” Oct. 4] give someone the idea that the lack of grace is one-sided, I need to point out that sometime overnight on Oct. 6-7, some thoughtful neighbor decided to come into my property to vandalize the pro-Republican signs in front of my house on Viewtown Road. Very much the same MO was used as for the three incidents just before the 2008 election.

I can tell it was a neighborly sort, because they did their best to mutilate the signs. As they tore up the three smaller yard signs, they threw the debris about so that one metal stake was partly into the roadway, where someone could drive over it and ruin a tire or maybe more. I suspect that these heirs of Hitler’s Brown Shirts are not literate enough to catch the irony of the parallels. Perhaps they were hoping that I would not take the trouble to repair the display.

But this veteran still lives in a country which is not yet socialist, and still has a First Amendment in effect, which guarantees my right to free speech, especially political. The signs will be replaced.

Bob Klaus

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