RAWL Dogs: Sassy

Hey! How’s tricks? You should see mine! I am a multi-talented beagle who can heel, sit, down and stay – commands, really, not so much tricks. But they make me a real pleasure to have around. I am a retrieving machine, just love it! Why don’t you visit me here at the shelter? I’m happy to show off my talents. Ask to see the small female beagle, about 5 to 7 years old. I’m the one who is good with other dogs, takes care of my bed and toys and is housebroken.

The past week, four of my canine colleagues were joined with new owners. The Rappahannock Animal Welfare League (RAWL), 160 Weaver Rd., Amissville, is open 8 to 1 daily. Call 540-937-3283 or visit www.rawldogs.org.