Letter: Remembering our rivers

Thank you for your editorial reminder of our important Rappahannock River watershed [“Rivers run through us,” Oct. 18]. More than 700 miles of streams crisscross our rural landscape; there are about 576 ponds, totaling around 540 acres, and about 712 acres of wetlands. Segments of some of our major streams are designated “303d impaired” by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

You can learn more about your local watershed by visiting rappflow.org. RappFLOW (Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed) divided the county into 26 sub-watersheds and evaluated the quality of watershed protection in each one. The report on this study is titled “People, Land and Water at the Headwaters of the Upper Rappahannock River Basin: Assessing the health and protection of watersheds in Rappahannock County, Va.”  A copy of the report is available in the county library and can be downloaded from rappflow.org/watershed-assessments.

Beverly Hunter
President, RappFLOW

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