Courthouse Row for Nov. 1

Home and land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Oct. 5-18:


Ursula M. Sorger, trustee of the Sorger Trustee, to Philip O. Sorger, Parcel H, 6.417 acres, no consideration, general warranty, tax map 40A-1-H


Orrin Ward Jr., James Albert Ward, Colleen Fay Glascock and Beatrice Mae Corbin to Eric Tollefson and Janet L. Tollefson, husband and wife, $159,600, general warranty, tax map 27-8


Sally Dahlstrom, executor of the estate of Sharon Dahlstrom Walbridge, to Frederick J. Stacey and Ann-Marie Stacey, 2.06 acres, $25,000, special warranty, tax map 50-7C

Citibank N.A. as trustee on behalf of Bear Stearns alt-A trust pass-through 2007-3 (Citibank, N.A.) ℅ Green Tree Servicing LLC, to John Neil Campbell and Jill Ann Campbell, 18.118 acres, $350,000, special warranty, tax map 50-18


Helen Dubois Runnels, trustee of the Hectine interests revocable trust, to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, 93.1805 acres, no consideration, exempt from recordation tax, deed of easement, tax map 15-4, 15-4B, 15-4C