Letter: Romney, Allen and Hurt: a better path

Next Tuesday, we Americans will vote for a new beginning. Four years ago, President Obama promised “Hope and Change,” but all he could deliver was the stagnation, debt and despair of the last four years. This year, we have an opportunity to choose a better path. We can choose Mitt Romney and his team, George Allen for Senate and incumbent Robert Hurt for Congress’ 5th district. They offer a path to prosperity for the middle class – good jobs, rising take-home pay, a strong military, smaller, less intrusive government and less debt to leave our children.

Mitt Romney is a genuinely good and generous man who not only wants to strengthen America, but has the business and leadership experience needed to turn around a failing economy. When he took the helm of the disorganized, scandal-ridden Salt Lake Olympics, his skill, energy and integrity enabled him to work with a dispirited staff to turn potential disaster into the most successful Olympic Winter Games ever. With relentless effort, he worked with government and civilian entities – Democrats and Republicans – to tackle every issue, large and small.

Mitt Romney offers a detailed five-point plan to get America working again: (1) energy independence; (2) the skills to succeed; (3) trade that works for America; (4) cutting the deficit; and (5) championing small business (details at www.mittromney.com/jobsplan). With this plan, Romney, Allen and Hurt will restore the American Dream for middle-class America.

Here in Rappahannock County, we all know hard-working neighbors who still are struggling to find good, full-time, well-paying jobs. We cringe as we pay twice as much for gas as we did four years ago. In the past four years, while gas and food have become more expensive, middle-class incomes have shrunk by more than $4,000 per year. Friends and neighbors are hurting.

We have seen the failure of leadership in Washington that has neglected critical issues while cranking out new, intrusive demands on states, our local communities and small businesses. We are horrified as Washington adds $4 billion to our national debt each passing day. We just cannot afford four more years of this disastrous spending – piling more debt on our children and grandchildren.

Mitt Romney knows how to work across the aisle to get things done. As governor of Massachusetts, he was able to balance a deficit-ridden state budget and make health care more available by working with a legislature that was 87 percent Democrat.

Mitt Romney, George Allen and Robert Hurt have a plan to rescue and reform Social Security and Medicare so all seniors will still get what they have been promised and so these programs will be there for future generations too.

Romney, Allen and Hurt will deliver more good jobs, less debt, a strong national security with a military that knows it is appreciated, and no excuses.

Demaris Miller

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