Letter: Speaking of ungentlemanly . . .

Since the publisher is endorsing Tim Kaine, a thoughtful, honorable, wise and learned gentleman who wouldn’t speak in an ungentlemanly way [“Editorial: In the best Virginia tradition,” Oct. 25], then I’m sure the publisher will endorse Mitt Romney since Obama has resorted to ungentlemanly name-calling behavior by using the lowest form of the English language – foul language. 

We need a thoughtful, honorable, wise and learned gentleman in the White House. Mitt Romney fits that description.

Lori Peregory

Editor’s note: On Oct. 26, Fox News reported that President Obama used “foul language” describing Mitt Romney when, in a Rolling Stone interview, the President said that “kids have got good instincts” in spotting “BS-ers.” (He didn’t abbreviate.)

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