Letter: The clear choices: Obama, Kaine, Douglass

On Nov. 6, the citizens of Rappahannock County, along with the rest of America, will go to the polls and make their choices known for House of Representatives, Senator, and most important of all, President of the United States. And there are some important things the citizens of Rappahannock should consider before they cast their ballots, especially those rare souls who might still be sitting on the fence.

In the race for President, the obvious choice is incumbent Barack Obama for the following good reasons: the President’s health-care reform act will forbid insurance companies from capping lifetime benefits to an individual, as well as no longer denying coverage for a pre-existing condition; this will save lives and save families from bankruptcy due to crushing medical bills in the years to come. President Obama had the courage to go to bat for the auto industry when it was teetering on the brink of extinction, loaning General Motors and Chrysler the money to stay in business and allowing them to build their way back to profitability. Millions of jobs were saved along with an essential part of the American economy. This act, as much as anything, helped keep the Great Recession from becoming the Far Greater Depression.

Overseas, the Obama administration has ended our long war in Iraq and brought our troops home with dignity, while taking it to our number one enemy, al-Qaeda. As a result, Osama Bin-Ladin and many of his lieutenants are gone and America is safer for it. 

And if anyone is thinking of voting for Mitt Romney because of his business “experience,” think again; while head of Bain Capital, Mr. Romney made his money by buying up the fruits of other men’s labor with borrowed cash from Wall Street. Some experience. Bottom line: Mr. Romney has created far more debt than jobs.

In the race for Senate, the clear choice is Democrat Tim Kaine. As governor, Tim Kaine went the extra mile in Richmond to work with Republicans in the state legislature; in the Senate, Kaine would be a negotiator and deal-maker willing to meet the GOP halfway on issues like the budget deficit and taxes, which to be honest, is exactly the kind of senator Virginia needs in Washington. This is quite the contrast to Republican George Allen, a man who has made it quite plain during the course of his two-decade career that he is not interested in representing anybody who does not share his own narrow views.

In the race for the House, Democratic nominee John Douglass is a veteran, former assistant secretary of the Navy and farmer from right next door in Fauquier County. John Douglass is by far the better choice over incumbent Robert Hurt, who has been a faithful cog in the Republican obstruction machine that was willing to drive the American economy straight off a cliff rather than compromise with the Obama Administration one iota. 

Don’t be discouraged or misled by all the hype, hate and hot air spewing forth from the TV, radio and online. On Nov. 6, go to the polls (be sure to bring ID) and cast your ballot for the ticket of Obama-Biden/Kaine/Douglass. 

Fred Schaefer

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