Letter: Families: make it work

It has been brought to my family’s attention that the county’s employees are in danger of losing their benefits unless they pay for the insurance themselves. This is truly heartbreaking for us and many other families in this county who have a family member working for the county. My husband is a deputy for the Sheriff’s Office here and we have five children – three of whom are on monthly medications and one who just had major surgery to correct a birth defect. Like so many other families in this county who are also employees, we rely on these benefits. My husband and I were born and raised in Rappahannock; our children attend school here. We choose to live in this county for one reason: because it’s our home. Now home is starting to feel like a battlefield for humanity. 

Instead of taking from the ones who serve and protect the citizens of this county (deputies, teachers, bus drivers, etc.), maybe we should lessen raises and decrease some of the wages of our board members who want to take away the one thing that the families depend on. If Rappahannock is to stay as one, we need to continue to take different approaches in fixing issues like these – or the families who are native here will be forced to move elsewhere just to be able to receive benefits. I was always taught that when it’s family, you find a way to make it work for everyone.

Lisa Baker

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