Letter: Not-so-scenic byway

As reported in your Nov. 8 edition [“County staff pleads case for benefits”], the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors also considered designating Route 729 a “scenic byway” on the stretch of road south of U.S. 211.

Photos by Patty Hardee
Photos by Patty Hardee

I live on the portion of Ben Venue Road between Flint Hill and U.S. 211 that is already a scenic byway. I wonder if the members of the board have driven on Ben Venue lately to see how even more scenic it has become with the addition of a mattress, a large TV monitor and tires thrown on the shoulder – not to mention the normal litter of fast food packages, bottles, cans and cigarette wrappers.

The article mentioned that being a scenic byway does not convey legal benefits, but maybe there could be some assistance in at least removing the large eyesores that people dump on the road.

Patty Hardee
Flint Hill

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