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Benefits tweaked; superintendent praised

The Rappahannock County School Board accept the health-care insurance recommendations of its own benefits committee, a move that board members believe will give staff members with family coverage a break on premiums, and hears public support for Superintendent Aldridge Boone, whose two-year contract expires June 30.

Turkey talk

The indisputably “best” way to prepare a turkey may never be settled, but there are no shortage of ideas among the kindergarten students at Wakefield Country Day School and preschoolers at the Child Care and Learning Center.

News is old school, but it’s back in schools

Statistics may show that newspapers are on the decline, but you’d never know that from looking at Rappahannock County’s schools.

Break-in ‘follower’ gets probation

Dennis Charles McGillivray, a 19-year-old Amissville resident, was sentenced to three years of supervised probation last Friday (Nov. 16) in Rappahannock County Circuit Court.

Editorial: A Rappahannock thanks

The animating principle of Thanksgiving remains to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. For us here in rural Rappahannock, that is not mere abstraction but understood in very concrete, soil-under-the-fingernails ways. Here are a few of those little, Rappahannock-centric things we often take for granted but are well worth our gratitude.

Up in the Hollow: The old man’s sports page

Ben Jones, whose father used to call the obituary section of the Portsmouth Star daily newspaper “the old man’s sports page,” explains why it’s a page that people “of a certain age” still turn to first.

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