Letter: Giving in remembrance, and for the future

Just before Christmas in 2009, just weeks after turning 12 years old, Parker Marie Critzer lost her beautiful and devoted mother Ann to cancer at the horribly young age of 48. Now Parker, whom we have known since infancy, is 15 – a lovely, talented, intelligent, caring young woman. She is loved and respected by not only her peers and teachers, but every adult who has ever met her. She is an honors student who works diligently, gives back to the community and aspires to become a doctor. She is also, by the way, a trained and certified babysitter, so if you need a night out, you know who to call!

Shortly after Ann’s death, a special account for Parker’s college education was started at the Rappahannock National Bank (now Union First Market Bank), spearheaded by Kelly Settle. My husband Stephen and I have been very regular contributors to this special education account (Parker Marie Critzer 529 College Wealth Savings Plan). As time passes, though, people tend to forget past tragedies and the needs they create. Parker’s very hardworking dad, Steve, is a great and caring father, but surely cannot afford to send Parker to college and medical school alone.

During this time of giving and sharing, we urge all of you in Rappahannock to remember this very special and deserving recipient of your support. But we also hope you will continue to remember Parker’s needs in the coming years as well. We personally have set aside other forms of impersonal giving and dedicated all of our support to Parker Marie.

Please drop by First Union and see Kelly Settle, who will be happy to fill out a deposit slip for your contribution to our future doctor, Miss Parker Marie Critzer.

Thanks to all of you for your support and remembrance.

Kerri and Stephen Wagner

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