Letter: Aiming in the wrong direction

It seems that the mere mention of the words “gun control” was all that was needed in recent days to send some of my distant neighbors in the Hollow into panic on Sunday.

The sound of rapid gunfire persisted throughout most of the afternoon and at one point was coming from four directions at once!

Okay boys, we get it! No one is going to take your toys away . . . yet!

Was it a coincidence that these folks decided to assert their Second Amendment rights a couple of days after one of the nation’s greatest shooting tragedies? I think not. It showed a total lack of respect and only helped to emphasize the huge national divide regarding gun control and the mammoth job President Obama has before him if he is to bring about any meaningful change. This insensitive, selfish display of assertiveness only seemed to highlight that deep divide and makes one grateful that there are still some thinking people out there with a little empathy who can see further than the crosshairs of a gun.

At this time, I can think of nothing more un-American than this shallow display of mindless resentment.

R. Alcott

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