Letter: Open letter to the town and its council

Dear Neighbors,

Holiday season is upon us and our collective good wishes go out to family, friends and community. This winter we have the opportunity to unify in a decision that will have an impact on our town, Rappahannock County, our businesses and our populace for decades to come – I speak of the special-use permit that would allow the expansion of lower-cost apartments in the Old Washington School building on Mount Salem Avenue.

For those of you who may know me only as “Mayor Gene’s widow,” I should note that I’m also a former member of the board of the Child Care and Learning Center (CCLC), serving in the 1980s. I am also a mother and grandmother who values education at every age and level. But this isn’t about CCLC; rather, it is about deciding who we are as a community, and whether we wish to be an inclusive and diverse village.

I miss Gene every day, and often ask myself in trying situations, “What would Gene do?” And the answer points to the proper path. In this case I think he would see an outcome with many assured positive benefits to our community, on the one hand, and only speculation, on the other, that a negative event might occur.

Gene would try to find a way to unify the citizens of the town, especially its leaders, in seeing the long-term advantages of our beloved Little Washington being a full spectrum of race, religion, age, occupation and income, and supporting this special-use permit unanimously.

I urge you to join me in asking our leaders to have the wisdom and vision to choose the diverse and inclusive path and to grant this requested use.  I hope we can unite and continue to be a welcoming and caring community.

Clarissa Leggett
Harris Hollow

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