Letter: People who live in crass houses . . .  

As a new resident of Rappahannock County eager to discover what this gorgeous countryside has to offer, I was delighted to read Ben Jones’ artful and amusing piece in last Thursday’s paper, “The case for K-rationing” (a great title, by the way).

I, too, have been repelled by the Kardashian celebrity, yet now I am struck by even darker thoughts. We follow these people and their tacky behavior, I think, because they allow us to feel superior to them. It does not hurt that Kardashian is not unattractive, being the recipient of the cosmetics industry’s finest efforts. Here, too, we are encouraged to judge them.

Could it be possible that the producers of these shows are, in reality (pun intended), encouraging us to consider these ideas as a public service, as teaching moments? Are we to ask ourselves what is so lacking in our lives that we are so delighted to judge others? Is this what Mr. Jones has in mind? I hope so.

Bruce Preston
Flint Hill

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