Editorial: Auld Lang Syne

“We’ve been left behind!” cried the newspaper’s young reporter, Matt Wingfield.

He was laughing but also seemed a tad bit worried. Last Friday in Little Washington, for the briefest of moments, the streets were totally deserted. Only Matt and I were present.

It was indeed eerie, for that was the day the world was supposed to end. According to some interpretations of Biblical prophecy, the faithful would ascend into heaven in “the rapture.” Sinners like me would be left behind. Guilt by association would be poor Matt’s misfortune.

My sin? No doubt, in the mind of many readers, the sin is the editorials I pen each week!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, of course. That said, my intention each week is not to convince others of the rightness of the observations and opinions I’m sharing. Rather, it is to use this space – which I’m truly honored and privileged to fill – to spark conversation and reflection about the things that matter.

Jim Gannon’s thought-provoking letter published this week in response to last week’s editorial, I thus find gratifying. Please read it. It is well worth the time invested.

The dawn of a new year is traditionally time to take stock of where we’ve been and where we hope to go. For someone of my age – and Jim’s – the ghosts of Christmases past must haunt any new year celebration.

But here in Rappahannock County at least, it’s truly remarkable, and thus worth celebrating, how little the world has changed within my lifetime, as well as Jim’s.

Happy New Year!

Walter Nicklin