Letter: Aiming in the right direction

A response to the letter in last week’s Rappahannock News [“Aiming in the wrong direction,” by R. Alcott]:

To my neighbor Robert,

I hope I’ve had the chance to talk with you before this letter is published; regardless, I think its publication helps the broader conversation. I feel bad that the sound of gunfire last weekend caused you distress, and while I was one of your Hollow neighbors firing my guns, I do not apologize for it.

I freely admit the atrocity in Connecticut was part of my motivation, but I felt neither fear about losing my guns nor any hostility towards those who do not like guns. I was shooting because it had been too long since I practiced and I was evaluating a gun that fit a specific purpose for me.

That laws need to change to prevent the slaughter of children is a given to most people. I recognize this as do most gun owners I know. Some people believe we should give up guns. I do not think this likely. Some people think we should have armed staff in all schools. I do not think this likely. That access to guns that shoot a lot of bullets in a short time will be restricted, I think, is inevitable.

We both know guns are not toys. I expect that some of the shots you heard were adults teaching children about these deadly tools. I invite you to come over and learn more about how I use my guns.

Keith Rowand

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