Courthouse Row for Jan. 3

Home and land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Dec. 21-27:


UB Properties Inc. to Jerry L. Archer and Kim Tucker Archer, husband and wife, 55.7932 acres, $1,747,900, special warranty, tax map 30-29B

Dennis N. Beach to Kevin R. Beach, remainder half interest lot 3C-2, $110,500, general warranty, tax map, 33-3-3E

Kevin R. Beach to Kevin R. Beach and Laurel A. Beach, husband and wife, 2.500 acres, exempt from recording taxes pursuant, special warranty, tax map 33-3-3E


Vernon W. Gras and Marguerite R. Gras, husband and wife, to Vernon W. Gras as trustee of the Grasmere 2012 trust, 25.036 acres, no consideration, special warranty, tax map 38-99


Skyline Properties Virginia LLC to Mimy C. Indra and David Michael Kane, wife and husband, 0.5957 acres, $230,500, general warranty, tax map 13-61