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Judge rules couple’s rights not violated

A judge ruled Friday that police interviews of Brenda Holly Lyons-Lenchick and Joseph Anthony Lenchick, the Castleton couple facing child abuse and cruelty charges, are admissible when the case goes to trial.

Thornton Group exits Cafe Indigo for now

Dec. 30 marked the end of a four-month, weekends-only experiment by the Thornton River Group to run a second full-service restaurant in Sperryville. They’ll talk again in March about continuing.

She ‘reached through the crowd . . . and tapped me’

After 79 years of adventurous life and 55 years of marriage to the man she met at a dance in her native Ireland, Bridget “Bridie” Kavanagh quietly slipped away on Christmas Eve. Her husband Edmund tells frequent contributor Jim Gannon their story.

Fighting fire with fire

Let’s just say politicians abolish “assault rifles” and large-capacity clips. In his Clark Hollow Ramblings column, Richard Brady says doing that will give them something to crow about, but it will have no impact on the problem at hand.

The Rapp for Jan. 3

Middle Street Gallery’s new “Artists and Friends” exhibit, Wakefield’s new partnership with the Public House and RCHS wrestler Dylan Hitt’s 100th victory in this week’s Rapp column.

Editorial: The way we were

On clear, cold, star-filled nights in the timeless, natural landscape that is Rappahannock County, we can be forgiven if we don’t pay especially close attention to the ticking of clocks, even when striking midnight on Dec. 31.

It’s 2013: Time to grow up?

“In all your official acts, self interest shall be cast into oblivion . . . return to the way of the Great Law which is just and right.” Columnist Liza Field takes her cue from the circa-1450 Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy to look for ways to make a better 2013.

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