Letter: Apartments: a win-win for everyone

I write in support of the proposal by People Inc. to buy the Child Care & Learning Center (CCLC) property and turn it into affordable housing. I am, frankly, surprised that there might be opposition given that, in my opinion, it is a complete win-win for our community. 

I have listened carefully to the proposal, and was assured by the answers to the many important questions that were posed, including that the building will meet all of the outside criteria for the historical district and the Architectural Review Board; that, in fact, the deterioration of the building will be halted and a more attractive repaired building will appear; and that adequate and paved parking will be provided.

The market survey done by People Inc. has shown that there is a need for the housing; individuals who work in our community are excited about having attractive nearby housing. And the applications for residence will be carefully screened for both income eligibility (you must have an income) and no past criminal or drug record. 

When I bought my home in Washington more than 10 years ago, 191 people lived in Washington.  The last census showed that we now have 171 people.  This makes two points to me: first, that the town infrastructure can certainly support more people; and, second, that it is vital that our town’s number of residents not continue to decline. 

There are other reasons that make this a win-win for all of us. One, it is $90,000 of new sewer hookups – a not inconsiderable sum for a small system. Second, CCLC provides such a vital function for us in all that they do for the next generation of Rappahannock. The sale of the property will remove what has become a financial drain and burden on the organization and at the same time be a very mission-driven sale. And finally, again, new residents will add to the vitality of our community.

I look forward to welcoming new residents to our town if not new residents of the county.

Judith M. DeSarno

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