Letter: ‘She is, and will be, missed by us all’

My wife, Angela Evans Bane, was one of those rarest of people whose mere presence on the planet was a benefit to all who knew her. She made us better people by being in our lives and showing us that love, compassion, kindness and joy still have a place here on Earth. We all have lost the epitome of a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend.

My profound anger at the seemingly pointless loss of my wife will, in time, give way to profound  grief. Regardless of my emotional state, I have been able to see the shock and dismay caused by Angela’s departure on every community she lived in during her too-brief life. Though most mourners in each community are strangers to the others, we are all joined by our loss. Such was Angela’s impact on people’s lives.

I, and Angela’s sons – Christopher, Matthew and Brevan – wish to extend our deepest appreciation to all who have shown us kindness and compassion during our time of grief. Josh and Heather Waddell, who were more like an adopted son and daughter to Angela than friends, Have been the rocks for my waves of anger and despair to break upon. I will always be grateful to them for all their help during a time that I was less than able to function normally.

Trish, Jeff and Hunter Nicodemus have provided Brevan and me with invaluable help and friendship. To them, my most sincere thanks.

To Kayla and other members of the Kidwell family, my neighbors, many heartfelt thanks for all your generous assistance with preparations and logistics for the funeral day.

Also, all the members of Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad that helped, consoled and counseled, you are greatly appreciated and loved by this family.

I offer humble thanks to Sheriff Connie Smith for taking time out of her day to come all the way to Culpeper to lead Angela’s funeral procession to St. Paul’s in Woodville. That was an unlooked-for show of honor and respect for my Angela.

There are so many more of you to thank. Just please know that I and my family are very appreciative of everyone who participated in the final show of love and gratitude for Angela. She is, and will be, missed by us all.

James C Bane III

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