Letter: The root of all evil?

In your editorial last week (“The way we were,” Jan. 3) you decry the “decadence and decay” of the world in which we, and others “of a certain age” find ourselves. You disagree with Jim Gannon’s letter from the previous week that the blame lies at the feet of our nation’s morals, or lack thereof. You state that the root cause of our troubles is money. Indeed, you state that money is now “everything.”

I would ask you to ponder how and when this came about, if it is true.

I believe that money and its distribution has become so important due to the emphasis on a thing called social justice that is being pressed upon us by the so-called progressive element in our society, whether in politics, education, religion, entertainment or even business. To these progressives, everything is measured in money and everything wrong with our society can be fixed if certain people (who have “too much” of it) have some of it taken away and given to certain other people (who have been cheated out of their fair share).

As to when, I think Jim Gannon has it partly right. During the mid- to late-60s these ideas became really established, although they had been around and gaining strength for a long while even then.

What to do? I have the feeling that you and Mr. Gannon would come up with different solutions to the problem. I would find myself more on Jim’s side.

John Feeney

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