Letter: The unifying factor

Jim Gannon’s Dec. 27 letter brought to my mind a time in history when things were different from today:

Gothic cathedrals were erected, sometimes over centuries, by generations of families of stone masons, carpenters, glass artists, woodcarvers, laborers and whole villages. They worked under medieval conditions, starvation and sickness toward the greater glory of God. They perfected the pointed arch, flying buttress and ribbed vaulted ceiling which identify gothic architecture.

Commitment and responsibility led them to a closer relationship with God. Major tasks were accomplished at a slower pace than today’s fast-paced cell phone and dot-com stuff. There were disagreements, but they were solved without the interminable partisan bickering of today.

Every generation, since the dawn of history can say, “The world as I knew it surely had come to an end.”

Tom Tepper

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