Letter: Restoring my faith in people

After hiring a supposed “company” to do yard work this past fall for a large tree that had blown over, and them not completing the paid-for work, I was out a considerable amount of money and still had a very large mess in my front yard. It saddens me that some people do not keep their word, that they lie and cheat as a normal way of life.

A job left undone by some, but done by others to be thanked. Courtesy photo.
A job left undone by some, but done by others to be thanked. Courtesy photo.

But still, there are others that can be trusted and to whom I would like to thank: Our Senior Center coordinator, Darcy Canton, for her persistence in getting help for me to clean up the mess in my yard; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Metcalfe, my neighbors who came to the rescue; my nephews, Robert Pendleton and Mike Coward; and the men of Trinity Episcopal Church, “The Helping Hands,” for an amazing job of cleaning up and removing the wood.

You don’t know how much I appreciate all of you going beyond the call of duty, for friendships that know no bounds. Your caring and generosity will always be remembered. Happy new year to all, and may the good Lord bless you with health, peace, love and joy and richly reward you for your caring about others.

Pastor John R. Pendleton
Flint Hill

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