Letter: Student searches for answers

I was deeply saddened and upset by the resignation of our school superintendent, Dr. Aldridge Boone [“Superintendent resigns effective April 1,” Jan. 10]. As a Rappahannock County High School student I feel that the changes Dr. Boone made to our school were refreshing and helpful, not to mention stress-relieving. Since I hadn’t heard anything about what happened, except for the fact that he resigned, I held out for the paper to give me some answers. I found none. I feel the story was insufficient, and did nothing to shed light on the subject. Instead it raised more questions.

What made him resign? Why would Mr. Lesinski send the reporter’s question about the closed session to Dr. Boone knowing that neither of them should comment on it? And if the paper quoted Mrs. Hitt correctly, why would she say the comments at the board meetings “irked her?” Whether you like it or not, it is the school board’s job to listen to public comment and to answer questions accordingly, no matter how much you think you shouldn’t have to.

The school board is a public office, which means you have to listen to the public and make decisions that affect them. It also means that you will have to take criticism, and you have to take it gracefully. Getting irritated will only make things worse.

In closing, I have to say I don’t blame Dr. Boone for leaving, but he will be sorely missed. I wish him the best of luck and happiness in his new position.

Amanda Frazier
RCHS class of 2015

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