Letter: Editorial lacked that Rappahannock grace

Since retiring to northern Fauquier a number of years ago, we have come to regard Rappahannock County as an absolute haven of grace, beauty and good cheer. Those attributes were nowhere to be seen in your editorial, “Congressman, stay [in Washington, D.C.] where you are needed.”

In the first place, our new Rep. Robert Hurt will find it far more valuable talking to his new constituents in Fauquier and Rappahannock than spending time with the tax-and-spend bureaucrats and lobbyists who dominate Washington, D.C. To paraphrase President Reagan: Washington is not where we should look for answers to the problems of this nation; it is the source of those problems.

I have never been a fan of gerrymandered congressional districts, but any act that separates my region from the shingles and concrete that dominate Northern Virginia is a step in the right direction. So too is a young Congressman who is willing to listen to his constituents.

Our usually delightful lunch in Sperryville was marred (if only momentarily) by the mean spirit of your editorial. Fortunately, my wife and I encountered a host of warm and sensible people during our visits to the shops and sites of Rappahannock – which in the years ahead I trust Mr. Hurt will find a splendid alternative to time spent in the other Washington.

Kenneth Tomlinson

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