Letter: Here in the land of generosity

Growing up in my native Dublin during World War II, I well remember the U.S. soldiers that graced my city as I would run up to them and ask, “Any gum, chum?” They were only too eager to satisfy my request, as gum was not yet available in Ireland.

That introduction to American hospitality sowed the seed that made me yearn to live in that far-off land of full and plenty. I have resided here for the past 45 years, and must add, that generosity has exposed itself over and over again through the years.

My observation of that heartfelt expression of love has exposed a population bent on uplifting their fellow citizens (and the less fortunate around the globe) by opening their hearts (and wallets) in an effort to lift the plight of their less fortunate humans.

One does not have far to travel to see the generosity expose itself through those that operate the Rappahannock Senior Center, where programs are available to seniors in the county. The lady that leads the charge, Darcy Canton, should really have the title of saint before her name, as she’s a buzzsaw of energy who, year after year, prepares programs of meals, entertainment, bus tours, restaurants, etc., smiling all the while.

Her appeals to the citizens of this delightful county to donate gifts to the aged, particularly at Christmas, is a huge undertaking that swallows up endless hours, plus delivering the gifts, many of them door-to-door, through hollows and mountains.

When I first came to live in Washington, I remember we had a “Person of the Year” plaque with the name engraved on it. If it still exists, “St. Darcy’s” name deserves to be on it. It is no wonder this land is called “God’s Country.”

P.S. On a personal note, this ingrained generosity and caring in and from the Rappahannock community raised its head once again at the recent passing of my wife, Bridget, whom I wed almost 56 years ago. I have run out of words to express my most sincere gratitude for the warmth and caring for me during this sad passage. May God bless all of you!

Edmund Kavanagh

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