Editorial: Something to think about

The latest issue of “Washingtonian” proclaims the Inn at Little Washington the region’s “number one” on the magazine’s “100 Very Best Restaurants” list. A close-up of one of the Inn’s signature dishes even graces the cover. Congratulations from everyone in Rappahannock County are in order!

If there were being published a Little Washingtonian magazine, the cover story might well have been about the new restaurant on Gay Street called Tula’s. In just a few short weeks, it has become a popular dining destination for people around the county, not just in Little Washington. Welcome!

But this being Rappahannock, neither accomplishment is without a bit of hullabaloo. Some people whose day jobs are in the town were heard to say that Tula’s food is delicious, but they didn’t know if they could afford to eat there as often as they would like: “What we need is a Subway!”

And the Washingtonian magazine kudos led one Rappahannock resident to laughingly propose a renaming of the county seat: “The Town at the Inn.” In keeping with the controversy caused by the town’s recent rejection of low and moderate housing, he suggested that an investor group be formed to relocate the jail to U.S. 211, perhaps next to the bank, thereby ensuring the town’s proper ambience for weekenders and tourists.

Of course, he was only kidding, but his words got me thinking about a new book (by Tom Madden) on Italy’s Venice – that “exquisite corpse,” its beauty embalmed, its once vibrant commercial and city life now lying in state.

“You are reminded from the moment of your arrival that Venice scarcely exists anymore as a city; that she exists only as a battered peepshow and bazaar.”

Let’s hope that’s not the inevitable fate of our Washington – that, instead, it can remain forever a true town.

Walter Nicklin