Letter: Congressman Hurt keeps in touch

After reading Walter Nicklin’s scathing editorial [“Congressman, stay where you’re needed,” Jan. 17] I felt inclined to express my appreciation for Congressman Robert Hurt taking time to visit his district. When Congress is not in session, I hope we all would expect our members of Congress to get out of the Beltway and back into the real word at home to make sure they are aware of their constituents’ thoughts on issues – especially in these important times.

I think the problem with Big Washington is that, too often, members get elected and forget where they’ve come from and who they work for. From all I can tell, we are lucky to have a representative like Robert Hurt who makes an effort to stay in touch and to visit the people he works for.

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Nicklin on this topic and am glad to know that Robert Hurt sees the importance of visiting the district and keeping in touch – and that he has not forgotten who he works for or why he is there.

Since when is it a waste of time for a congressman to meet with his constituents? In a representative democracy it is absolutely essential that a representative meet with those he represents. Now I agree with the publisher, there is a very big job to be done in Washington; in a few weeks we will hit our debt ceiling. But how will Robert Hurt know what we think about these big issues if he doesn’t bother to talk to us?

Fortunately we don’t have to worry about answering that question because our representative, Robert Hurt, is very much in touch with the people he represents. He just got sworn in for another term and has already been to visit places around the district – he has not wasted any time getting in touch.

Robert Hurt is a gentleman who is trying to make a difference and to help the country out in these trying times. For him to be demeaned or castigated for doing his job is beyond absurd. The editorials should be a little more circumspect in the future.

Bill Fletcher

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