Community cleans up, takes out trash

The “Community Clean-Up” of county roadsides and unsightly and illegal dump sites is once again underway. As many citizens, property owners, families, friends, churches, schools, scout groups, businesses and other organizations as possible are encouraged to participate in this annual “Spring cleaning” of the county, by taking the time to pick up trash and debris, bag it and communicate with clean-up coordinator Hunt Harris and local Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) crews regarding specific pick-up locations.

This is a great time to organize groups and select a section of road that is particularly meaningful or perhaps quite unsightly and particularly strewn with trash. It’s also a good opportunity for “Adopt-a-Road” groups to get their members focused on their adopted road, as well as new groups to decide upon adopting. Mid-February until the end of March is the designated time for this year’s pick-up, although citizens are welcome to pick up trash on into April – or whenever they prefer.

Participants may use their own bags, or the sturdy orange bags provided by VDOT, which can be obtained by contacting Harris. Bags and other articles collected during any clean-up may be taken by individuals and groups to the two county refuse locations, near Amissville and at the Flatwood Transfer and Recycling facility located off the Shade Road, or may be left in a safe place along the road, where VDOT crews can provide pick-up assistance upon request. Participants should not take wood or metal to the Flatwood facility.

To contact VDOT about a specific pick-up location, call 540-987-8939. To get orange bags, with a specific designated pick-up location in mind, call Harris at 540-987-8888 or email him at For any additional questions or concerns, call Harris or the county administration office at 540-675-5330.

Additional reminders and notices will be posted in the Rappahannock News. With the 35th annual Fodderstack 10K on April 20 this year, it would be nice for groups and individuals to focus on that stretch of road. Anyone wanting to get a group organized for any location is encouraged to do so (as are pictures of any progress).

Found object “Trash Art” is also encouraged, and if there is enough interest, a designated time and place to have a display can be arranged. Blue Ridge Mac in Woodville has issued a challenge to any county businesses to see who can pick up the most bags between now and the end of March. A county park clean-up and potluck picnic will take place in March or April.

Let’s all grab some bags and help in this valuable effort to keep Rappahannock the special place it is.

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