Letter: Stand up for Rappahannock, say no to Family Dollar

I’m a Rappahannock native and I was just horrified to think that someone actually would think a Family Dollar store would be something that Rappahannock County needed to have. I am not a cursing person, but, “Hell no!” We do not want this. It just would open the doors for other stores and businesses like McDonald’s, etc., to come into this county.

We like our county as it is. This was something we fought for, and why tourists come here for the county’s beauty and simple charm. Mr. Newbill Miller fought for all of us to have this beautiful place to live, a place that is the envy of all other counties – “God’s Country,” as it’s been called. I guess since he is gone, our standards are gone, too.

As for no one saying anything about this [“Worth a conversation,” editorial page, Feb. 28] – just go to the Quicke Mart and bring up the subject. You will find that no one wants this to happen.

Please, please save our Rappahannock. We are simple people with a simple lifestyle of old ways. That’s why so many people want to come and live here, a place of refuge from city stress, a place where cell phones do not work, a place of quiet rest.

Stand up for Rappahannock County as we know it and love it!

Greatly concerned,

Sharron Proper

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