Letter: Family Dollar and families’ taxes

I was surprised by the various comments on the proposed Family Dollar store. I have some food for thought for all sides. First, the site is zoned commercial. The Planning Commision has no control over the type of commercial that goes onto Bank Road. The site plan will come to the commission for review, but that is it.

Second, the land has been laying there waiting for a buyer since the new bank was built and no takers, no locals or chains. Third, the county always talks about expanding our tax base; this is an opportunity.

The store would employ 10 to 15 people and give the local citizens an opportunity to buy daily necessities without driving 20 to 30 miles. Also, we would receive tax revenue from the real estate and sales tax. I read in last week’s Rappahannock News we are facing a 2- to 4-cent increase in the tax rate. The only future for increased tax revenues currently in the county is house construction. Yes, that is true. The construction of homes from $500,000 and up is the growth in our tax base.

The county is getting older, with fewer children in the schools. I wonder what the human component of Rappahannock County will be in 20 years. I suspect it may be a county of 300-400 school children, a paid fire and rescue staff to address the needs of the senior citizens scattered over the area on large lots and a lot of guest workers to take care of them. Maybe someone would come to us with a drugstore proposal.

Alvin Henry

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