Letter: Never-ending school spending increases

The Rappahannock County School Board’s proposed 4.7 percent increase in local funding for the 2013-14 school budget comes on the heels of a 3.3 percent increase just last year. These never-ending spending increases are unfair and unsustainable and, really, are they necessary?

In spite of relatively stable school enrollment, we are told year after year that even more spending is required to properly educate the children of our county. Again this year, we’ve been told that more staffing, pay, benefits and dollars are needed – these amounts are recurring and will impact our school and county budgets for years to come. Why? Just how many total personnel are really needed to educate the students in our small school system? According to the Virginia Department of Education we already have a ratio of less than 11 students to each teacher.

Why can’t we simply reduce school spending? Many school systems in the commonwealth have already accomplished this fiscal feat according to budget cycles posted to the Virginia Department of Education website.

We now spend over $12 million to educate just 913 students in Rappahannock County, an average of about $13,200 per student. Isn’t it time that Rappahannock County taxpayers tell the school board and our board of supervisors that enough is enough?

Jeffrey E. Knight

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  1. I have been reading for years about how teachers and our schools do not need the money. How many years did teachers go without raises?? Did they still work and teach our kids? YES. The cost of school supplies, insurance, food goes up every year. Unfortunatley, that is beyond the schools control.

    You state the number of students in Rappahannock schools pretty much stays the same, why do we need more teachers? Maybe we do not need more teachers, but we most certainley need more aides to help the teachers in class. Why, because (especially in the elementary school) there is always another issue going on in the class while the teacher is trying to teach. There is either an emergency of some sort, a disiplne issue to be handle or interuptions that take up the time of the teacher and the students who are there to learn. So, everyone just needs to stop about complaining about our schools and the teachers that work hard everyday and DO deserve more respect.

    Cost of living and the price of goods goes up continously, complain to the government not the school board.

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