Letter: Preserving our ‘unique appeal’

I have always liked the sensible, heartfelt reasoning of Ben Jones, and perhaps never more so than now [“Wouldn’t give a nickel for a dollar store,” March 7]. This fishing expedition by a national chain is a call to action for the community. For those of us who found, chose, settled and invested in Rappahannock County, Family Dollar represents an attempt for outsiders to change the characteristics of the community we find appealing and hold dear.

Is the possibility of slight convenience for Rappahannock consumers worth upsetting the unique appeal of our county? National chain discount stores can already be found in the towns along the border of our neighboring counties. Decidedly, Rappahannock County is defined by preservation of natural beauty, an agricultural economy, development of strong tradesman, appreciation of local businesses and attraction of talented artisans. Those traits are the core of our identity.

Long ago, visionary planners knew that people would seek unique places like Rappahannock County precisely because it would be distinguished by holding to those values. Today’s civic leaders need to uphold the strategy set out by our forefathers. And the people of the county should be heard before outside investors are allowed to change our community.

Proud of Rappahannock County,

Todd Chisholm

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