Letter: She is loud, yes, but not rude

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor by Kim Love [“School board, govern thyselves,” Feb. 14] and someone else from outside Rappahannock County last week about fan behavior at sports contests [“Leading by (poor) example,” March 7]. It is obvious to anyone who attends these events that the school board member she is complaining about is Amy Hitt, the Jackson district representative.

Amy Hitt is loud, all right – so loud that once, last fall, when she posted on Rappnet that she would be unable to attend an away volleyball game, it prompted former superintendent Robert Chappell to reply, “There goes half our volume.” She is loud, but she is not rude. What she yells is encouragement to Rapp players. She does not insult players from the other team, coaches for Rapp teams or our opponents or referees.

I have been attending Rappahannock sports events for longer than either Amy Hitt or Kim Love, and I have heard Rappahannock fans who were abusive to referees, so much so that I was ashamed to be in the stands and feared that the refs might take their frustration with our fans out on our players.

This past year the only loud complaints about calls I heard were coming from fans of the opposing teams, not Rapp fans. It is time to drop this and let Amy Hitt cheer loudly for Rapp teams.

Sharon Kilpatrick
Slate Mills

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  1. I will tell you as an opposing coach from Fresta Valley who has brought teams to your school in soccer, basketball, and volleyball…I consider your fans, players, coaches and AD top notch. There will always be disruptions, each time it has happened, school officials have quickly taken care of it. We enjoy coming to do battle with your sports teams and your teams are better behaved than many we play each season. That is a reflection of what is going on at the top…teams become the reflection of their coaches and AD staff.

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