Letter: Are we considering everyone’s shopping options?

After reading in last week’s paper that 43 percent of our county’s public school students are of such modest means that they qualify for reduced or free meals [“Hunger relief, delivered by backpack”], I wonder whether we have thought thoroughly about the impact that the limited availability of shopping options has for those families whose resources are very meager.

Bragging that it is no problem to drive all the way to Culpeper, Warrenton or other out-of-county destinations to buy one’s basics is fine when the round-trip gas money (nowadays more than $5 for such a trip) doesn’t represent in itself a challenge.

A store like Family Dollar doesn’t particularly appeal to me, but I don’t worry about the gas money to avoid going to such a low-cost, nearby option should it become available.

I think the families of those 43 percent in our schools may see it otherwise.

William Dant

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