Letter: Zoning allows it, but does VDOT?

The barrage of letters opposing a Family Dollar Store amazes me. I don’t want it either, but it is not up to us to determine what entity buys a piece of private real estate that is already zoned commercial. Family Dollar doesn’t need any special-use permits, rezoning or special exceptions to put in a store, so our objections can’t affect the decision on whether to build here or not. That will presumably be affected by studies of potential profits.

However, the original piece in the Rappahannock News indicated that Family Dollar would not be interested in buying the property if they couldn’t get an additional crossover in the four-lane U.S. 211.

Those opposed to a Family Dollar Store should be putting their energy into finding out what process VDOT has for determining whether to put in an additional crossover. It is a stupid idea. Yes, coming out Bank Road doesn’t allow a turn west on U.S. 211; instead a driver needs to follow Bank Road to Schoolhouse Road and that back to 211, where a driver can turn east or west. That is the route I routinely take when I leave the bank wanting to turn west, and it doesn’t inconvenience me in the least. We need to find out if we can affect the VDOT decision.

Sharon Kilpatrick
Slate Mills

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