Down Memory Lane for April 4

June 29, 1972

In the 1950 election, Mrs. Dorothy C. Davis was named mayor while council seats were taken by Mrs. Acsah Miller, Mrs. Louise Price, Miss Ruby Jenkins, Miss Elizabeth Racer, Mrs. Bobbi Critzer and Mrs. Dorothy Hawkins. Mrs. Hawkins remains a council member and is the only lady official who has served continuously since 1950. She has been clerk of the executive group for a number of years. The Washington town government received nationwide publicity after the ladies took all of the town offices in a write-in vote following a rapid campaign of two days.

Rappahannock County did not suffer severely from the fury of the tropical storm Agnes which raged up the east coast last week. The official measure of rainfall varied from five to eight inches in the county and, except for a few secondary roads being temporarily impassable, the situation was not bad. The Old Hollow Road was covered with water for several days and chunks of asphalt torn loose, a situation repeated on other roads. Rocks and large boulders were pushed about by the swift water as it surged downward to lower ground.

June 18, 1981

“As it stands right now, I don’t see any sewer for Sperryville,” said Maurice Biddle, former chairman of the Rappahannock Water and Sewer Authority. The sewage problem also led to the closing of Lester Deal’s sandwich shop five years ago by the local health department. Health department officials considered shutting other town businesses but delayed action in light of gains toward building the sewage treatment.

Steven Nolen Scoggin will be the new pastor of the Washington Baptist Church. Scoggin and his wife Nancy, both natives of Oklahoma, were in town last Sunday for his trial sermon at the church. After listening, the congregation voted unanimously to offer him the position of pastor.

Until the new well is hooked up to the Washington water system, the mayor requests that residents use the existing supply sparingly. The new well will provide an adequate supply, but the water test results have not been returned from the state so the well is not yet connected to the system. Until it is, the existing spring and well must be used frugally. Mayor Newbill Miller asks that residents refrain from watering lawns and gardens and washing vehicles, any or all of which takes tremendous quantities of water.

May 14, 1992

Richard and Jeanie McNear of Washington will welcome a new “daughter” in August 1992: Nina Ingemann Blicher, a Youth For Understanding (YFU) international exchange student from Denmark. Nina, who will be a student at Rappahannock High School, will live with the McNear family for an academic year.

Edward I. Barton, of Washington, was recently elected as president and a director of the Friends of Rappahannock Library. Mr. Barton retired as president and chief executive officer of Newmont Oil Company, in Houston. He grew up in Alexandria.

Flowers for the wedding, for an anniversary party or for special occasions can be as important as the occasions themselves. Donna Brune, of Flint Hill’s Persimmon Springs Farm, has the resources and talent to make those decorations come out perfectly. Using flowers from her own gardens and those from distributors, Mrs. Brune creates arrangements large and small. Cost for flowers depends on the season, flowers requested and time allowed for and required by arrangements.