Down Memory Lane for April 11

July 6, 1972

A unique program on the grounds at Avon Hall preceded the brilliant display of fireworks which climaxed the Independence Day activities Tuesday in the town of Washington. Hundreds of people relaxed on the hillsides around the lake; some picnicked while others chatted with friends not often seen, or just rested.

Spectators milled about while seekers searched every nook and cranny and others browsed about the super flea market held Tuesday for the benefit of Rappahannock Library in Washington, under the direction of Mrs. Mary Jamieson.

Lois Yates, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Yates of Sperryville, has been named to the dean’s list at the College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, for the second semester. She is a 1971 graduate of Rappahannock County High School.

Two pickup trucks were involved in a collision at Viewtown Thursday when they met on a narrow country road. No injuries were reported. According to trooper G. F. Gregory, Horace Marvin Scott, who was operating a 1966 Chevrolet pickup, and Shirleen Dodson Wayland, in a 1966 Ford truck, were the drivers.

June 25, 1981

“All welfare programs are experiments in finding a way of easing people’s problems.” That’s the conclusion Elizabeth Buntin has reached after 35 years as superintendent of Rappahannock County’s social services. This week, she announced her retirement effective Sept. 1, ending a long career of helping those less fortunate attack their problem.

She’s still a social worker, managing adult services and the state-local hospitalization program, but more and more of her time over her 35 years as superintendent has been directed toward budget preparation, administration of services purchased from other agencies such as mental health and mental retardation, and coordination of the department’s programs and personnel into a smoothly functioning unit.

Ralph Peyton is manager of the country store which opened this month at Ben Venue. The Peytons are experts at running a country’s store. For years, Esther Peyton has stocked Laurel Mills Grocery with the thousand and one items that housewives are most likely to run out of, her friendly conversation and warm smile creating a welcome change from the atmosphere of suburban convenience stores. Esther’s husband Ralph, who manages the couple’s general store at Elkwood, will provide customers with the same services at his newly reopened business on the corner of Route 729 and U.S. 211 at Ben Venue.

In women’s doubles, Diane Bruce and Jean Lillard play Theresa McLawhorn and Ruth Baumgardner. In the only division decided to date, Paula Parligreco is the winner of the A division women’s singles round robin. Matches this week will determine the finalists in the B division of singles round robin.

Rob Kirkpatrick and Jean Lillard advanced to the finals in mixed doubles by beating the husband-wife team of Ruth and Fanning Baumgardner. They will play Bobby Gehringer and Diane Bruce, who reached the final round with victories over Nicholas Bischoff and Wivi Liverman.

May 21, 1992

A man who has broken into three homes in Old Hollow, apparently looking for food, does not appear to be dangerous or violent, but the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office is asking residents of that area to be on the lookout and take extra precautions. The man has been spotted only once, but two other break-ins at vacant houses have been attributed to him, said Maj. Ed Streapy of the RCSO. He is believed to be living in the mountains around Old Hollow, possibly within Shenandoah National Park.

Rappahannock County extracts a price for the privilege of residency. With few local jobs and local salaries that haven’t kept pace with increases in the cost of living, the county has earned the dubious distinction of being the leader in out-commuters for the Rappahannock Planning District.

The aversion to commuting created a dilemma for Heather Marsh, who was born and raised in Rappahannock. “It sounds corny, but my heart’s in the Blue Ridge,” she explained. “I have to leave my heart behind if I left Rappahannock and moved to the city to be closer to the big job markets.”

So she followed the example of scores of others who’ve managed to have the best of both worlds; she went entrepreneurial and started her own business in order to live and work in Rappahannock County. Marsh and partner Dafna Laurie are the owners, managers and entire labor force of the New Mountain Springs Stables near Sperryville, which offers trail rides, riding lessons, breaking and training for pleasure, and show horses and training for field hunters.