Letter: Digital, $15K; analog, $0

[Editor’s note: Rappahannock County Public Schools this year added a $15,000 digital notice board to the high school’s venerable brick-and-mortar sign on U.S. 211, making it the subject of some controversy.]

If anyone’s interested, here’s the history of the masonry sign at the high school.

In 1996, at one of the basketball games, discussion of a sign was taking place, and at the instigation of Tom Wolfe, he and I put together a plan to do it. Richard Compton dug the foundation, my son Luke and I poured the concrete pad. I donated all the materials, which cost about $2,400. Forrest and Marty Whorton laid the cinder block, Don Corbin laid the brick on top, then Forrest and Marty stuccoed the block. Cost to the county, zero.

There was supposed to be a presentation and recognition of all those that donated and helped, but it never happened and no one complained. We just did it.

Butch Zindel

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