Letter: A 211 bike trail: Still a natural!

Last year I suggested in a letter to the Rappahannock News that the counties of Fauquier, Culpeper and Rappahannock could build a bicycle path alongside U.S. 211 from Warrenton to Sperryville. This would be a very low-cost way to attract tourism to the area by allowing folks to travel over a long and challenging path in a safe way. It’s a natural idea for the region given that people travel here to see the natural and peaceful beauty of our area.

I did receive a few thumbs up but the idea lost steam because of all the world- and life-challenging events occurring. Now it’s spring again and a new day to push for this great idea. All I ask is that you all take a minute of your time and call your local VDOT office and ask them to add this to their list of “to do tasks.”

It’s really a no-brainer – like cuckoo clocks to Switzerland, spaghetti to Italy and tacos to Mexico. This tri-county path could become the center of cycling in the region, a safe, challenging route with all the natural beauty.

Miguel Silva

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