Letter: But how to help RappCats?

We were thrilled to see your front-page coverage of RappCats’ efforts to rent the packing shed space in Flint Hill for a cat shelter the county so badly needs. We have contacted RappCats to pledge ourselves as one of their 12 monthly rent sponsors, but it occurred to us that it would be really great if you could publish an email, phone, address or some other way to make it easy for county residents to pledge their support. (We didn’t see that in last week’s paper so tracked it down ourselves.) Thanks, as always, for your thorough coverage of all things of local interest.

Editor’s Note: If you wish to contribute, as this letter’s writers discovered, you can send donations ($350 pays for an estimated month’s rent) to RappCats Shelter Fund, PO Box 307, Washington VA 22747. If you have questions, email rappcats@rappcats.org or visit rappcats.org online.

Jim Allenchey
and Carrie Miller
Flint Hill