Letter: For schools, it’s time to stand

My three children attended Rappahannock County Public Schools. Though I have no children there now, I nevertheless support increasing the school budget, even if it means more taxes for me.

We live in a county that prides itself on “taking care of its own.” We get very little federal and state support for our schools. But that doesn’t discourage us from still working to make them the best schools possible. Even if it means paying a little more and volunteering a little more.

That is a pattern that repeats itself throughout the county in all of our nonprofit organizations – we volunteer a lot and we pay what we have to in order to make our county a great place to live and to raise a family.

There are those among us who believe that every good thing that has happened in their life is due to their efforts alone. Others of us realize that we stand on the shoulders of those who went before us, and it was their sacrifices that made what we have possible.

Now that it is our turn to be the shoulders for those coming after us, let’s not complain about how hard it is. Let’s just do our duty and stand. One way we do that is to support our schools, strongly.

Jim Blubaugh

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