Courthouse Row for May 2

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office April 19-25:


Rodney O. Kestner to Rodney Kestner and Donna Marie Kestner, husband and wife, 2.212 acres, no consideration, exempt from recordation tax as it is a deed of gift, tax map 32-26F


Neal Ryan Atkins to Dean Marshall Atkins, parcel 5, containing 50 acres more or less, no recordation tax, special warranty, tax map 39-37

Elizabeth Anne Van Poole Bouchard, Virginia C. Van Poole Atwell and Thomas B. Van Poole III to Meadowlark LLC, 12.3556 acres, no consideration, general warranty, tax map 29-29C


Bedford L. Pearson Jr. to Frederick Eugene Aumson and Heather Kristen Aumson, husband and wife, 9.2252 acres, $290,000.00, general warranty, tax map 14-1-F

Jeffrey Cooper and Emily Cooper to Jeffrey Cooper, 33.254 acres, exempt from certain taxes as provided in the code of Virginia, tax map 1-14D

Building permits

Jon and Emily Williams, Washington, addition, estimated cost $40,000

Barbara Adolfi, Sperryville, temporary tent, estimated cost $835

Peter Michael Daub, Amissville, gas lines for generator, estimated cost $577

Playhouse Corp., Castleton, office building, estimated cost $20,000

Audrey Regnery, Castleton, remodel/addition, estimated cost $100,000

Robert Dudka, Castleton, renewal, no cost

Sharon Genebach Luke, Washington, upgrade electric, estimated cost $600

Cordani’s General Contractor, LLC, Amissville, dwelling, estimated cost $150,000

Kellog Achenbach, Washington, backup generator, estimated cost $7,811

John Hedrick, Woodville, backup generator, estimated cost $7,200

J. Clifford Miller, Sperryville, temporary use of building, estimated cost $20,000

Robert Mann, Flint Hill, dwelling, estimated cost $700,000

Clifford Waldron, Amissville, finish existing basement, estimated cost $20,000

Jon Paul Williams, Washington, gas lines for generator, estimated cost $540

Marriage licenses

Christopher David Covert, 32, and Kristen Alice Moran, 32, both of Amissville

– compiled by Jan Clatterbuck