Letter: Goodbye, dear friend

It was with much sadness that I heard about John Eubank’s death. I worked with John for many years, starting while I was still in high school. He was a good friend, as well as a mentor. He took me under his wing and taught me a skill that enabled me to raise my two children as a single mother and a skill that eventually allowed me to open my own business.

He taught me things that I have never forgotten, such as, “What’s said in the chair, stays in the chair.” And when I was hesitant to come to work in a barber shop, he said, “Tammy, if you act like a lady, you will get treated like a lady, and if you don’t – kick ‘em out, because you don’t need that kind of business.”

John had a sense of humor that always made the day go quicker and he genuinely cared about his customers. He was a very giving person and he did a lot of things for people and never wanted any recognition for it.

When I decided to open my shop almost 24 years ago he came by to visit and told me if I ever needed anything, I knew where he was.

I have no regrets of my time with John, although I do regret never taking the time to tell him personally – thank you for the influence you made in my life.

So, goodbye dear friend, and my prayers and condolences for his wife and family.

Tammy Jenkins Pritt

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