Letter: Litter, disturbing; road, adopted

I admit it: Looking at that jumbo-sized “Big Gulp” cup lying on the shoulder of Tiger Valley Road for countless weeks was driving me nuts, so I decided to do something about it. Several weeks ago, I grabbed several garbage bags and went out to pick up that particular item as well as other litter. As it turned out, a LOT of litter.

On my first effort, I picked up about a dozen medium-sized garbage bags of litter in the quarter mile or so of Tiger Valley road north of Starks Road, where my wife Kimberly and have a house. The next weekend, I picked up another 10 bags of garbage a quarter of a mile south on Tiger Valley past Starks Road.

Sadly, beer bottles and cans and other alcohol containers constituted roughly half the garbage I collected; I guess that’s just more evidence to underscore the recent “USA Today” article, “A Quarter of Teens Drive While Impaired” (April 25, page 3A).

It puzzles me why so many people choose to pollute the scenic landscape that makes Rappahannock County such an attractive, special place; in fact, within a week, the area I cleaned had become newly littered with more bottles and cans. And it frightens me to think about how many people are drinking and driving on the county’s twisting, winding roads.

But, better to light candles than curse the darkness, so Kimberly and I have contacted the VDOT program to “adopt” a section of Tiger Valley Road under the auspices of our bed and breakfast, Harmony Manor. We will continue to pick up the garbage that others have so thoughtlessly thrown  away, and will hope that our neighbors will join us in our efforts to “Keep Rappahannock County Beautiful.”

Randall M. Fort

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